Monday, November 29, 2010

The El Segundo Blue Butterfly

For my final web design project, I have chose to do a site on the El Segundo Blue Butterfly.

I chose this, because every since I was a little girl,
i've always loved butterflies. I remember playing with
all kinds of butterflies in my nana's yard because she
has a yard filled with so many flowers. I would catch
them, just to observe their movement and different colors.
I would get extremely excited whenever she would get a
black and yellow, or purple.. or even a blue butterfly, land
on one of her flowers.

Unfortunately, I don't see see many butterflies anymore,
especially the big colorful ones... So I thought it would be
interesting to cover such a beautiful species.


  1. great choice of Animal. To me butterfly is living free since they can fly, and you can get to any direction just as long you put your mind into it. Cant wait to see what your going to do with it.

  2. OK you have done something excellent now you need to hurry up and get the fundamentals down
    this is a great beginning but you need to follow the steps of the assignments as well. You are really working on getting your designs and skills up to a professional standard. Now on your blog I want to see a documentation of your process - this will help you in the end - others need and want to know your process - the wireframe, the site structure (flow Chart)- the competition, changes in your design as you progress - 3 designs please